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The Unique Rescue Puppy Born With Cinnamon Roll Ears

The Unique Rescue Puppy Born With Cinnamon Roll Ears

If you ask dog owners if they can identify their pet in a room full of similar looking dogs, they will almost always say yes.

Safe to say, loving pet parents know their dogs because of small but distinguishing physical or even behavioral traits only their little companion has.


In this case, we’re pretty sure this rescue dog’s new family won’t have any trouble identifying her given the look of her unique and absolutely lovable cinnamon roll ears.

Odd one out
Cinnamon is a rescue puppy who was found, along with a litter of her siblings, in rural Georgia by Pit Sisters, an organization that is dedicated to finding homes for dogs at risk of a long shelter life or euthanasia.

Arriving at the scene, Jen Deane, Pit Sisters president, immediately noticed the unique dog standing out from her pointy-eared siblings.


She couldn’t believe how absolutely unique and adorable the puppy was. Jen immediately knew she had found one very unique and special pup.

As you can see, Cinnamon’s ears fold into a spiral shape instead of sticking out straight like normal making them look like cinnamon rolls after which she is named.

Jen says that pictures don’t do her justice and that the puppy looks even cuter in person.

A neglected start
Looking at Cinnamon and her siblings now, you wouldn’t have guessed that they were all skinny, malnourished, and infected with worms just a few short weeks ago.

They were only five weeks old when they were rescued from their circumstances. They were immediately brought to the vet and have been properly cared for ever since. Their health has improved immensely, and their personalities (and ears!) are showing through thanks to all of the love and care they have received.

Jen suspects that the puppies had escaped from a neglectful owner, who was nowhere in sight when Pit Sisters found the litter.

Instant internet darling
Because of her cute and unique ears, Cinnamon became popular among Facebook and Reddit users after her photos were posted on the Pit Sisters’ Facebook page.


Some people even pointed out how much her ears resemble the Victory rolls hairstyle that was popular in the 1940s.

The attention proved to be a good thing as her and siblings pictures were posted and reposted all over the site making their adoption easier.

In fact, Cinnamon and some of her littermates have already found new homes or will soon be adopted.

Jen herself has bonded with one of Cinnamon’s brothers and has plans set to adopt him.

Cinnamon finds a home
Cinnamon will soon be leaving the Pit Sisters shelter to come home to her new family who also has three other dogs.

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It isn’t hard to imagine why people quickly fell in love with Cinnamon. Aside from her exceptionally unique ears, Cinnamon has a playful and spunky personality.

At just eight weeks old, she seems to have an endless supply of energy that enables her to get along with other dogs. She has been described as both quirky and fun – we think the description fits!

Cinnamon may have had a hard start in life, but she and her siblings are now getting the love and care they deserve from their new families, and we have a new internet sensation on our hands.

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