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Tips for Designing a Stylish Home Office

Tips for Designing a Stylish Home Office

If like thousands of workers across the country, you’re able to work from home, you’re going to need a good, efficient space to work in. Setting up a home office isn’t as easy as you might think due to the number of factors you’ll need to consider. This is especially true when it comes to designing the space.

Here, you’ll discover some of the best tips for designing a stylish home office which works for you.

Consider the practicalities
If you want to create a stylish office space, it’s important to consider the practicalities. This means, ensuring you’re designing the space with the existing layout in mind.

For example, you’re going to need to make sure you plan your desk space near to available power sockets. If you’re set on placing your work desk away from nearby power sockets, you’ll want to invest in underground cabling from a company such as RS, so you don’t have unsightly cables running throughout the room.

Making sure it’s comfortable
You’re also going to want to make sure the office is comfortable to work in. If it isn’t, you aren’t going to be as productive as you could be, and it could potentially damage your health in the long-term too.

Focus on making sure the desk is the right height for example. Ideally, you’ll want one which is around 70cm. You may even want to consider a standing desk as these are known to be better for health and wellbeing.

Ensure there’s plenty of light
Natural light is important in a workspace. While there’s plenty of lighting solutions out there, nothing can really beat natural lighting in terms of wellbeing.

Artificial light has been known to trigger stress and headaches in the long-term. So, maximise the natural light in the office, but avoid placing the desk facing away from the window. The reflection will block your view of the screen, so always face towards the window, rather than behind it. If you don’t get much natural light, you should look to invest in daylight bulbs which mimic natural lighting.

These are some of the most important things to consider when designing a stylish office space. It’s crucial you focus on practicality and comfort as well as style. If a home office isn’t designed correctly, it’s going to have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, not to mention limit your productivity and efficiency.

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